Experiance the joy of trekking on forts, jungles in sahyadri and treks in Himalayan region with giridarshan, a branch devoted to trekking.
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Harishchandra gad trek   28 May 2016
Start at 10.30 pm on 27th and reach Pachnayi village, on 27 climb harishchandragad and stay at Konkankada in tents, on 29 see the fort and climb down to Khireshwar. will be back to Pune till 6 pm. bring bedding, extra dress, a plate, a bowl, a glass, 2 water bottles, Saturdays dinner with you.
Two VCD products are available from GTC.
101 forts with Giridarshan, giving information of 101 forts with 2000 photographs & voice overs a set of 3 VCDs & 1 packet books at Rs.200/-
Sagarishiledar, sets 2 VCDs describes all sea forts of maharashtra with a packet book at Rs 150/- Covering 34 forts with above 700 photographs.
Considering the need of nature lovers and tourists, we have decided to arrange trips to odd locations, such as trips to ancient caves, bird watching trails...
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Currently there are no Splendour Upcoming Trips. Please visit again..!!
Question - What is Trekking?
Answer - Trekking is walking up the hill / fort by pathway. It does not need any mountaineering equipments like ropes, carabeners,pitons (nails) etc.
Question - Do I need prior experience?
Answer - No experience is needed, for Giridarshans Trek and Splendour Tours but for GTC Raw activities experience is needed.
Question - Who can participate?
Answer - Anybody who is able to walk for 3 hrs & has will to enjoy nature & rural life.
Question - How to participate?
Answer - For our local treks follow (go through) our upcoming trek schedule, select your suitable trek & call us 1 week before for booking.
Question - How do I register?
Answer - At the time of your first participation, you will submit registration form. No separate registration fees to be paid.
Question - What is the age group to participate?
Answer - Anybody who is physically fit, but normal age group is from 10 to 50 years.
Experience rough & wild trekking, biking, & Rock climbing with our Giridarshan Raw.
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Currently there are no GTC Raw Upcoming Activities. Please visit again..!!
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